1. The Plugin “Corny”
Produced by The Plugin.
2. Gastón Céspedes “Nasty”
Produced by Mirwayz & ignacioredard.
3. “Profundamente Superficial”
Produced by ignacioredard.
4. HumanET “Inexistencia”
Produced by Alejandro Suazo.
5. Yo No Habla Espaniol “Hey!”
Produced by Yo No Habla Espaniol.
6. Christian Carocca “Go”
Produced by Christian Carocca.
7. Desierto Florido “Mamá”
Produced by Desierto Florido, Pablo Bello & Gonzalo González.
8. Victoria Mus “De Cordillera A Mar [SGM Projekt Mix]
Original Version Produced by Sokio & Alejandro Miranda – Remix by Gastón Céspedes.
9. Doctor Mirwayz “Inferno”
Produced by Doctor Mirwayz
10. Shakespears Sister “Pulsatron [Gully Mix]”
Produced by Siobhan Fahey, Stephen “Gully” Gallifent, Clare Kenny & William Blanchard – Remix by Gully.
11. KooLTURE “Stupid SuperStar [Sgoliat Extended Mix]”
Produced & Remixed by Sgoliat.
12. Zolar “Angel Artificial”
Produced by Gerald Rodriguez.
13. Lulú Jam! “Bonsai”
Produced by ignacioredard.
14. Alguien Miente “En Conflicto”
Produced by Mariano Pavez.
15. Tunacola & Whale “Primavera Now”
Produced by Rick Tunacola.
16. UnBiotic “Winter Falls”
Produced by UnBiotic

17. Rucitama “Ábreme Tu Portón [Demo]”
Produced by Rucitama.
18. La Iglesia De Abigail “Usted Es Horrible [Lost Highway Mix]”
Produced & Remixed by La Iglesia De Abigail.

Executive Producer: Gastón Céspedes

Special Thanks to every artist included in this compilation for share their music in this project. This release has been made with promotional purpose only. NOT FOR SALE




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